Civil Engineering the DeMarr Way

From Site Design to Construction, our team of in-house Civil Engineers and Site Contractors are ready to transform your ideas into reality.

Based in Northern Virginia

We are there every step of the way to guide you through the land development process; from property acquisition to final occupancy permit.

We (The Civil Engineers) like to start with a phone call to listen to your project goals and to determine if we are the right company for your project needs.

If your project is a good fit for our company, we begin with consulting on how to achieve your project goals. To answer more involved due diligence questions, we provide Feasibility Reports and Buildable Area Sketches.

Our Core Services

Our services cover the entire building process; we are your consultant from the day you acquire a piece of land to the day you obtain your occupancy permit to move in. All of these services will either fall under 1 of 2 categories; Civil Engineering or Site Development.

During the initial planning stage, our Civil Engineering Division (DeMarr Engineering LLC) handles the surveying, site plans, and land disturbance permitting.

During the construction phase, our Site Development Division (DeMarr Construction LLC) handles all of the exterior site work from Silt Fence, Land Clearing, and Demolition to Excavation, Backfill, and Final Grade.

Our Civil Engineering Department will stay on the project on an as-needed basis for tasks such as construction stakeout, as-built surveying, and stormwater install certifications.

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